The Vision

The purpose of The Museum of Dogs is to preserve and enhance the many positive aspects of the canine world through exhibits and unique exhibitions comprised of a variety of collectibles ranging from paper, to porcelain to art to bronze that celebrates mankind's love of dogs of all breeds.

The Museum of Dogs concept is designed to provide the general public a venue in a unique Museum setting filled with sought-after canine collectibles and to also encourage and enhance economic development in the community contributing to the moniker of a "Destination City."

The Museum of Dogs combines various concepts collectively within a single venue to encourage and enhance both visitors and community participation through museum exhibits visits, educational programs and events.

The Pet-Related Museum is designed as an attraction to appeal to residents and visitors and provide a venue to encourage traffic to the facility and displays a number of original paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, sculptures, bronzes, and porcelain figurines, and a variety of decorative arts objects depicting man's best friend throughout the ages.

If included, a Gift Shop could offer a wide array of gift items for you and your companion pet including tapestry pillows, ceramics and jeweled dog dishes, leashes, collars, a variety of food lines for dogs and cats, cages and crates, bedding and general pet supplies books on dogs, umbrellas, stationery, T-shirts, and jewelry, as well as one-of-a-kind objects exclusive to Museum of Dogs.

The Education Center provides a venue for the presentation of programs specifically developed by pet-care professionals to further the appreciation of the human/animal bond among residents and visitors and especially the youth of the community.

Several years ago, The American Kennel Club established a very successful museum with locations in both New York, New York and St. Louis, Missouri with the response from breeders of purebred dogs across the nation being so overwhelming, they were forced to limit contributions due to the inability to house such massive numbers of pieces.

We believe that a Museum dedicated to dogs in this area would not only attract a variety of visitors, but it would provide an educational venue to promote Responsible Dog Ownership through a variety of programs and events.

We look forward to your comments regarding the concept and would be happy to contact you with a full presentation. Click HERE to see a presentation of the preliminary concept

The Museum of Dogs

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